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Legend has it that, Sanga NilaUtama, a Srivijayan prince hailing from Palembang (the ancient capital city of South Sumatra, Indonesia), spotted a majestic lion (or a mythical lion-like creature) while on a hunting excursion on the island of Temasek (ancient Singapore). Considering this to be a good omen, the prince, in 1324, built his new city in Temasek, renaming it 'Singapura' (in Sanskrit, singha refers to 'lion' and pura refers to 'city'). Apart from the Sanskrit origins of its name, Singapore's cultural affiliation with India has its roots that date back no later than the 9th century AD, thanks to the South Indian Chola dynasty's territorial expansions, cultural integrations and large-scaled maritime pursuits in Southeast Asia. Now, this emblematic relationship between Singapore and India sets a microcosmic tone for the diasporic ASEAN-India connectivity that we are celebrating through an exceptional collection of art at the momentous ASEAN India PravasiBharatiya Divas 2018. Indeed, purposeful exchanges and progressive dialogues pertaining to the arts and cultural heritage, endow any kind of a diplomatic connectivity with a stance of holistic completion; a stance that is pertinent to the creative fulfilment of a global civilisation that constantly faces the challenge of sustaining creative fulfilment in an economically-driven arena. Unanimously, let us allow the artistic offerings of this significant event to mark a new era of instrumental and meaningful cultural pursuits that are motivated by the positive spirit of the dynamic ASEAN-India connectivity.

Vidhya Gnana Gouresan, Curatorial Director, Gnani Arts, Singapore

Participating Artists:


P Gnana

A  Viswam

G Raman

 M Balasubramnain



P Perumal

Alphonso Das  

Anas Ansari

Dipali Anurag

Anusha Shetty

Steve Golden

Mithra D/O Jeevanathan

NuWu Gang

Pooja Kanade

Sarishna Nair

Subashini K Chandra


Arpan Bhowmik


Acrylic on Canvas,  76 x 100 cm


M Suriyamoorty

Pon Raghunathan


Oil on Canvas,  120 x 120 cm

P Gnana-Merry


M. Suriyamoorthy

Household Chores

Oil on Canvas,  125 x 64 cm


P Gnana

Happy Family

Oil on Canvas, 122 x 92 cm


P.  Perumal


Oil on Canvas, 115 x 88 cm


Alphonso Das

Shakuntala in Prayer


Confluence is an exhibition featuring emerging artists exploring methods and visual imagery. Artists always seek to bring to the fore that which is invisible. Through a trenchant practice of visualising, framing and interpreting, the participating artists study ideas and notions about the smallness of place and the vastness of geography. The selected works by Singapore and Singapore-based artists provides a pause to wonder and ponder as they allow for art to connect people, places and cultures.

Venka Purushotham, Provost, LASALLE College of the Arts

Participating Artists:


P Gnana

C Dakshinamoorthy



C Dakshinamoorty

Head Series