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Raghupathi Dwarakanath Dixit (born 11 November 1974) is an Indian singer-songwriter, producer, and film score composer who is the frontman for the Raghu Dixit Project, a multilingual folk music band. Dixit's music is an amalgamation of Indian ethnic music and styles from different parts of the world.

The Raghu Dixit Project's infectious, joyful and energetic show. Currently a 5 piece on-stage act that features Gaurav Vaz on Bass Guitar, Joe Jacob on Drums, Sanjay Kumar on Guitars and Narayan Sharma on the violin apart from Raghu himself. The Raghu Dixit Project makes happy music and embodies the spirit of joy at their concerts. A definite sight at their concert is one of the entire audience, young and old, jumping and dancing with unbridled joy and immersion in the music.This has made The Raghu Dixit Project a mainstay at music festivals around the world.

Tanusree Shankar is one of the leading dancers and choreographers of contemporary dance in India. Tanusree Shankar now leads the Tanusree Shankar Dance Company, an exponent of contemporary dance forms in India. She has evolved her own modern idiom by marrying traditional Indian dances with modern western ballet expressions. She has been inspired by her lineage as much by the folk and regional dance forms of India. She has drawn extensively from rich local Indian traditions such as the "Thang-ta" (Manipuri Sword dance).

She travels with her troupe extensively around the world. Her last notable productions include Uttaran (Upliftment of the soul) and Chirantan (The eternal) which is based on Rabindranath Tagore's music.