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Are India’s rich traditions still very much a part of your life abroad?

Then this is the perfect contest for you!

We are looking for fun photos that showcase how you keep Indian culture alive within your household or community and how you balance and integrate the culture of any of the ASEAN countries too. Do you celebrate festivals and events with more gusto than your relatives back home in India and add your own local influence into them to make them truly unique? Does tradition of not just your home country but your adopted country too, continue to be a big part of your life? We want to be a part of all those special moments where you turned your home into little India with an ASEAN twist!

We are talking about the time you meticulously followed Grandma’s recipe to bring back memories of childhood but made sure that your adopted country was also represented; or that instant when all the food and decoration preparations were done and you felt on top of the world because of how you were able to seamlessly merge 2 cultures. Perhaps how you and your multi-cultural neighbors got together for an evening that was all about cultural exchanges!

It is moments like these that remind us just how deep our roots go and how eternal our connection to India is yet how we still maintain a global outlook.

Send us those snapshots of the all the wonderful fusion you have been pulling off in the years gone by. Post these online and tag us with #INSEAPBD18 so that we can find your entry. And yes, post the photos as public so that they can be in the running to win!

Have you got your photo ideas yet? Share with us, the contest is open right now!