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Exhibition Title:  Ancient Route, New Journey: India-ASEAN Dynamic Exchange


This archival photo essay curated by Dr. Gauri Parimoo Krishnan with iconic images shows how the dynamic worlds of the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia intersected using images of architecture, epigraphy, and the arts. Through years of interaction and selective adaptation, a transnational, pan-Asian narrative has emerged in which literature, performance, polity, navigation, trade, cuisine, philosophy, and religions of Southeast Asia assimilated elements that were historically drawn from the Indian Subcontinent. For the past two hundred years, migrants and settlers have contributed to the ASEAN region which many call 'home' today and have absorbed local cultural practices from this region into their lifestyle. This is a celebration of their indefatigable spirit to survive and succeed.

Indian Muslim couple, Singapore, 1890

Photo: Leiden University Library, Wikimedia Commons

Standing Buddha, Kedah, Malysia, 7-9th century

Photo: Asian Civilisations Museum,

Wat Khaek Silom, Mariamman Temple, Bangkok

Photo: Eric Molina, Wikimedia Commons

Netaji Subash Bose and Captain Lakshmi examine the rani Jhansi Regiment of the Indian National Army in Singapore, 1942-15